5 Medications Everyone Should Have In Their Medicine Cabinet


By Cheryl Alker

So the New Year always gives us a ‘let’s get things done’ attitude. It’s a fresh start and I feel I have an abundance of energy coupled with an overwhelming positive attitude, So whilst I am feeling like this, because who knows how long it will last!!!! I decided to finally complete all of those niggling little projects that I continually put off.

Yes, I have actually started to clear out some cupboards and drawers!

Whilst this is not a task I cherish, I must admit, you do find some things that have been ‘lost’ or some old memories.  Once the clear-out is complete the feeling of clarity and accomplishment is actually quite remarkable for the small effort it took to complete.  This wonderful feeling also continues though, as every time I open said cupboard or drawer that feeling of self satisfaction returns!

So here is a cupboard that I took on recently. I am urging you to do the same due to the fact that if any of the contents of this particular cupboard are out of date, they could have serious consequences on your health.

The cupboard I am referring to, is your Medicine Cabinet.

This cupboard should be fairly quick and easy to organize as there are no emotional attachments to the contents or a feeling of euphoria when you find something you thought your lost a long time ago!  It’s either in date or it’s out of date. Literally anything out of date should be disposed of immediately following the correct procedures for disposal.

Whilst you are clearing out this cupboard though, make a note to see if you have the following list of medications.  If not it might be worth a trip to your local pharmacy to purchase the following.

Medications Everyone Should Have In Their Home


Benadryl can often quash a reaction caused by a bee sting, poison ivy or a mild food allergy.

Antibiotic Ointment

Any cut or scrape you get is an invitation for infection. To stop such an infection apply an ointment that contains an antibiotic such as bacitracin, polymyxin and/or neomycin. Neosporin contains all three.

Pain and Fever Relievers

We all have our personal preferences as far as a pain reliever that works for us.  If you notice one type works better for a headache whilst another seems to help more with joint or muscle pain.  Thats because medication that contain acetaminophen often work well for headaches. Medications that contain Ibuprofen will often work better on inflammation.  If you have children having two types of children’s meds in this category is also wise. Pediatricians will often advise you to alternate them to break a fever.

Cold Medicine

Always useful that’s for sure!  A note of warning here; read the labels carefully to avoid double-dosing. Many cold medicines contain several active ingredients.  For example, if your cold remedy has acetaminophen in it, don’t take a separate pain reliever on top of it. Remember not to give cold medicine to children under 4 without checking with your pediatrician first.

Stomachache Remedy

Let’s face it, who want to run to your local pharmacy or drugstore with diarrhea or an overwhelming feeling of nausea?  Having some Pepto-Bismol is a must for every medicine cabinet.  A heartburn medication that will kick in quickly such as Pepcid is also worth including in your shopping list as well.