A Productive Spring


By Jason Miller

While for most spring is a time to get away from the worries of responsibilities and partake in social activities, it is also an opportunity for growth. While enjoying vacation from either work or school, this is time that allows for planning, which in the current time we live in is more of a convenience rather than a priority. Making time for oneself is essential that is overlooked by many since life goes so fast and there are many immediate priorities. However, it dramatically improves mental, physical and spiritual health, understanding personal passions and fascinations, allows for a more well-rounded person overall. While in the short term there’s nothing wrong with the traditional spring party or other social activities, there is the capacity for a long term achievement to be made. In Florida, for better or for worse, most of the seasons are similar to each other in terms of it being hotter than other states on average. While the temperature might be similar during this month, there is a deeper understanding of the season with it being associated with rebirth and a flourishing of life. With the focus on new beginnings there’s no time better in the year to reflect and start on ambitions and transform oneself than this one. There’s a variety of different ways to pursue personal growth and here are just a few examples to help attain that purpose. 

1- Nature trails. Spring with all its correlations with new life – what other way to get closer to that then being beside nature itself? It is also stated by scientists that being outdoors in nature alleviates stress with this allowing for a clear mind to establish new aspirations. 

2- Gardening. While the idea of new life is mostly metaphoric, it can also be literal in the context of spring, being outside and taking care of plants. This can create a sense of relaxation and could even inspire new hobby.

3- Reading Outside. Relaxing in a hammock with fresh air and nice weather is truly one of the many luxuries that Floridians possess and passive reading can establish new ideas about goals or becoming a better person in the month of transformation. 

4- Pool Day. Taking advantage of the warm weather and the time off for some this creates the opportunity to unwind and swim, allowing for exercise and a place to focus.

 All in all there are a plethora of ways in which to take advantage of the warm weather of spring while also working on oneself in the process. While there is focus on the physical traits of the season there should also be an awareness of its deeper understanding that being new beginnings with whatever a person chooses to pursue. There’s no time like the present to recreate or build upon oneself to be a better person and achieve happiness, especially during the season that is centered on that premise.