Don’t Let April Fool You


By Jason Miller

With the limited time remaining in school for students and the slow realization that summer’s arrival is just around the corner, people’s attention quickly turns to leisure at a beach or any number of far off locations. The perception of April is one of a transition from that heavy focus on work and school into one of a more relaxing atmosphere. In  simply brushing aside the month in the desire for the future, this robs people from living life in the present and enjoying what is currently available. Most major holidays such as Christmas and Halloween are renowned alongside their time of month but there are smaller and lesser known holidays that are just as important and promote quality values.  They allow for everyone to take a break from their busy lives and stop looking to the future and start focusing on what’s right in front of us. A great example of this is the holiday of National Kids and Pets Day on April 26th with this being something that celebrates those close, that being immediate family. Having a deeper appreciation for those around you exemplifies a higher quality of living, embracing what is instead of what is to be. It allows for the establishment of a mindset that is productive and focuses on attaining more immediate results that can be applied to everyday life. There are various different ways in which to capitalize on the present and maximize one’s time enjoying simple things provided below are examples. 

1- Walks with those close to you. As the holiday encapsulates with its theme spending time with loved ones as a whole brings about a more content atmosphere

2- Nostalgic review. Looking back on photos or videos with family or friends either alone or together allows for a moment of reflection and inspiration 

3- Reunions. Creating an event in which those close to you are invited at a desirable location whether it be a cookout or a beach day 

4- Traveling. Experiencing new areas and cultures can be a good way to establish new roots and find a place to cherish by either staying or just visiting occasionally with these experiences lasting a lifetime 

To summarize, life is short and the best way to go about it is with a positive mentality, appreciating even the small things that normally are taken for granted. To take action and direct of one’s life in a way that they desire is a defining aspect of enlightenment. With regards to the month of April, it allows for a deeper bond with those around us and embracing life together.