Fall in Florida


By Carly Cantor

Fall in Florida may seem less authentic since our palm trees don’t turn auburn, but do not worry, there are a multitude of activities to do here for your favorite month. I personally love fall, and sometimes I get bummed when I remember our weather doesn’t really change, but that shouldn’t stop me from having the full fall experience. I’m sure many others that surround me feel the same, so here are some fun fall activities for you this month!

Pumpkins at the Farmer’s Daughter farm stand in Loxahatchee.
  1. Pumpkin patches. We all associate pumpkins with halloween and fall in general, so grab a friend and go to your local pumpkin patch! Pick out your favorites and carve them together. And, if you keep the seeds, you’ll be able to cook them and create a fun fall snack!
  2. Baking cookies. Picture this: A marshmallow-scented candle burning on the countertop, sugar cookies with a pumpkin decoration baking in the oven, wearing matching pajamas with a friend or significant other while taking in the sweet, intertwining aromas. Baking cookies not only is a fun and relaxing activity, but also allows you to get a snack out of it!
  3. Watching scary movies. Fall is known for its horror films. If you have any streaming service at all, you are absolutely bound to find a horror movie of some kind, good or bad. I personally prefer horror-comedies, as I get scared quite easily, but it honestly depends on your tastes and preferences. 
  4. Throw a bonfire party. Want to have some quality time with your friends by the firelight? Bonfire parties are a classic for the holidays. Roast some marshmallows, share scary stories, and have a spooky night!

            Overall, there are many things you can do to make fall in Florida seem like fall in a place with actual seasons. Fall isn’t equivalent to just weather, but rather what you make of it. The only thing stopping you from fulfilling your life this fall is the thought of it ‘not being good enough’, so don’t take it for granted and live your life to the fullest this year.