Happy New Year from Harold’s Universe


About Harold’s Universe

Harold was “born” as a teenager and by accident, the result of a creative experiment. This challenge involved composing a piece of digital art, using only basic software and a handful of limited shapes.

Which explains why Harold’s environment was also limited and rather primitive: a drab, windowless room with only an hourglass to stare at.

So Harold was left alone, accompanied only by his thoughts. It was then when he developed his own philosophy style, guided by his good heart and kind thoughts.

And he wants to share his teenage wisdom, sending messages of inclusion, acceptance, kindness …and sometimes a little humor.

i2 (Ingrid Webster) wanted little Harold to be a voice of calm and wholesomeness in today’s turbulent world.


About i2 (Ingrid Webster)

A former long-time resident of Wellington, Ingrid has a formal education in art. For the past 30+ years, she had been designing and repairing jewelry, but at times utilized her graphic design skills for other commercial products.

As she is shifting her focus back towards her beloved art, Ingrid is committed to spreading her positive attitude, encouraging everybody to invite love, peace, forgiveness and kindness into their lives.