Happy September!


Happy September!

L to R: Mary Marder of My Daily Choice, Krista Martinelli of AroundWellington.com and Laura Jaffee, President of the Wellington Art Society. Having coffee and Premier Cafe in Wellington.

Hope you’re all having a good month!  I’m excited this month to celebrate the Wellington Art Society’s 40th Anniversary at their monthly meeting on September 8th.  Speaking of anniversaries, did you know that the Village of Wellington is 25 years old this year?  And AroundWellington is 15 years old? 

There’s a lot of talent in and around Wellington.  Check out my recent interviews with film director Andrew Mossop and jazz musician John Tutino.  Andrew Mossop just launched his film “The Blob Blob Fish: A Journey through Obesity” (on 8/31).  John Tutino just released his album “Duality” (on 8/11). 

In addition to our travel writer, one of our writers is always on the move.  Mike May takes us to Indiana, more specifically 33 Brick Street and gets his hands on all kinds of Larry Bird memorabilia in “On the Move with Mike.” 

Our Mommy Moments writer Briana D’Andrea is on the move too, and this month she takes us to Kennedy Space Center.  She visited with her family and had an incredible time.  It’s a reasonable day trip from the Wellington, FL area and you certainly get a lot of aerospace history.  Read “Kennedy Space Center Blast Off” this month.

Meanwhile, our Teen Talk writer and intern Azwad Ahmed starts out with a skeptical stance on Tik Tok, the popular social media app.  He ends up enjoying it, finding it a great place to explore during the pandemic and singing its praises.  Check out this month’s “Teen Talk.” 

In “Paws-itive Press,” writer and pet expert Julie Schrager writes about introducing a new puppy to your children.  In a very user-friendly article, she gives five steps to doing the introduction the right way. 

For these articles, many more articles, events happening around Wellington and more, please feel free to explore our site.  Thank you as always for being a part of AroundWellington!

Enjoy your September and stay cool!

Krista Martinelli