How to Be Alone


By Carly Cantor

Summer doesn’t have to be a season of envy, but rather self-improvement. Utilize your alone time to do something that makes you happy. 

Feeling isolated during the summer months isn’t uncommon. You may see people on the internet constantly posting about their hangouts with friends, but you aren’t alone. School made it so friends were constantly accessible, so it’s difficult to adjust to having to communicate via text or call. Currently, I’m feeling sort of like this too. It’s hard to coordinate plans with people, especially during summer because everybody is away on vacation. It can make one feel like they’re stuck, unable to do anything during the one time of year where they’re supposed to be having fun. That’s why I believe it’s important to be able to be comfortable by yourself. No, I’m not going to provide solutions to a problem I can’t solve myself. That’s simply unrealistic. However, I can give advice on a subject I know quite well: being alone.

            I’m not like those loner characters on television. The way that I differ is that, unlike many characters, I adore my alone time. This may be hard to believe, but sometimes I actually prefer to be alone than with other people. Personally, in my mind, I have broken the ideology that being alone is unhealthy or bad. Having time to yourself is extremely important, and I just can’t toss that aside because others are opinionated. Being alone may be uncomfortable to some people, and I can understand that. However, being able to overcome that feeling is crucial. You’re not always going to be able to have people around you, especially during summer. 

            The first step is to make it so your life is one you enjoy. Make a smoothie, watch that show you’ve been meaning to binge, go enjoy activities that can be done alone. The second step is to stop caring about other people’s lives. You live your own, no need to look at somebody else’s. If you’re comfortable with your life, you won’t have to envy other people. 

            Now, here are some alone-time activities that I, personally, love.

  1. Baking. I know all hopeless romantics dream of baking with a lover, but I actually prefer to do it alone. Baking is something that while enjoyable, it takes a lot of precision and focus. It’s a great hobby for those who love sweets and for those who love creating things.
  2. Reading. There is absolutely no other feeling like sitting down with a book and reading. Play some music in the background, brew some tea, and pick up that book you’ve never had time to read. 
  3. Watch TV. I’m aware that out of the options I’ve stated so far, this is the least productive. However, settling down to watch a show while alone can be calming. Before writing this article, I just did. I sat on my couch and watched a show I haven’t watched in quite some time. It was relaxing. I recommend not doing this all the time, of course. But, also not to rule it out completely.
  4. Exercise. Working out can be incredibly fun. And, of course, it is one of the many things I prefer to do alone. When I was younger, my favorite thing to do was to go on bike rides through my neighborhood by myself. I used to live in a neighborhood with a golf course, so I would ride over and sit by myself on the grass. I would listen to music and eat snacks I packed. Then, I would go over to my friend’s house and say hello, then head home. Working out doesn’t have to be hardcore, it can simply be taking a ride on your bike at sunset. However, gym workouts are also quite enjoyable. I prefer using equipment over home workouts. Not only is exercise a great hobby, it’s also healthy.

            I could go on, but that would be unnecessary. Your life is for you to shape, those were simply suggestions to get started. Summer doesn’t have to be a season of envy, but rather self-improvement. Utilize your alone time to do something that makes you happy. 

Sincerely, your local teen talk writer,

Carly Cantor