Inaugural Olympia Community Run


Inaugural Community Run for Olympia Residents Brings Neighborhood Together

On Sunday, December 5th, Olympia residents laced up their sneakers for the First Inaugural Community Run.

After nearly two years of pandemic isolation, AJ and Christina Bachmann wanted to get back to doing what they loved – running. But this time they wanted to run with their community. 

The Bachmanns usually run a half marathon every year, but weren’t able to during COVID. They had the idea to run with their community members and when they first presented the idea, over 100 people responded. The HOA took notice and got involved helping the Bachmann’s to organize road closings, mass communications, and incurred some costs.

They registered 467 residents and even had to turn people away unfortunately when registration closed a few weeks ago. 

They held 4 different races, all circling around a 2.7 mile loop (Fatio Circle) and ending at the Olympia Clubhouse.  These included: The Family Fun Run (1 mile), a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon. 

Thanks to sponsors like PCSI (Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders Institute of South Florida), they provided runners with some amazing medals, shirts, bags, and other goodies.  “Sponsors like PCSI have been instrumental in keeping the costs low for residents which encourages entire families to register,” said AJ Bachman. 

The attention to detail and enthusiasm for this inaugural event made it a smashing success.

The event brought residents together and helped them network.  “People that had never met previously are now friends,” AJ Bachmann noted. 

AJ and Christina have enjoyed watching their neighbors training/preparing for this event…seeing them get outside and go for a run as a family. 

They plan to do this yearly and are excited to watch the event grow each year. 

And here are the race finalists. 

  1. Half Marathon – Male Overall
    1. Seth Waller (1:35:49)
    2. AJ Bachmann (1:41:08)
    3. Attila Bucko (1:45:24)
  2. Half Marathon – Female Overall
    1. Christina Bachmann (1:45:58)
    2. Becca Stewart (1:58:26)
    3. Lisa Hersman (2:08:15)
  3. 10K – Male Overall
    1. Matthew Finkelstein (39:04)
    2. Cormac Doyle (45:40)
    3. Raul Alvarado (50:43)
  4. 10K – Female Overall
    1. Kathy Glazer (57:28)
    2. Kelly Anderson (57:30)
    3. Ona Gurevicius (57:47)
  5. 5K – Male Overall
    1. Matthew Gross (22:05)
    2. Steve Gross (23:08)
    3. Piotr Komorowski (23:10)
  6. 5K – Female Overall
    1. Raquel Clark (22:31)
    2. Abigail Tortora (27:27)
    3. Shirley Madriz-Hughes (27:37)
  7. 1 Mile – Male Overall
    1. James Caprio (6:50)
    2. Augustas Gurevicius (8:25)
    3. Bradley Schnipper (9:17)
  8. 1 Mile – Female Overall
    1. Emily Wellikoff (9:08)
    2. Lucca Peck (9:50)
    3. Anne Fallow (10:16)


Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders Institute of South Florida (PCSI) is the largest integrated pulmonary and chest specialty group in Palm Beach County. The vision of PCSI is to provide innovative, exceptional care through the integration of state-of-the-art technologies and in coordination with other healthcare providers. With offices in Wellington and Atlantis, PCSI utilizes the best equipment, options, and technology available to provide world-class treatment.