It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


December is my favorite month for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be the cooled air or the holiday ambiance, it is ultimately the best time of year. It’s the time when everything happens. I overall enjoy the entirety of the month, and I want to share that passion this season of giving. 

            There are so many different aspects of life. Therefore, in this article I will be covering my favorite parts of winter. For starters, here are some of my favorite winter activities for you to try this year!

  1. Baking cookies. There is absolutely nothing like hanging out on the kitchen counter in your coziest pajamas while waiting for your cookies to become golden. The way the warmth from the oven surrounds you and makes the cold seem distant is absolute magic. Baking cookies during the holiday season is not only fun but also heartwarming.
  2. Binge watching your favorite holiday movies. The combination of fuzzy blankets and Christmas bells in a dark living room is one of my personal favorite atmospheres. Binging your favorite movies–while eating your cookies–is such a relaxing activity, and it’s incredibly convenient. 
  3. The beach. For anyone who doesn’t live in Florida, this may seem like an odd pick to put on a winter activity list, but natives know how beautiful the beach during winter can be. The cool breeze and freezing water allow for an absolutely enjoyable time, and it is most definitely my favorite place to be. Florida winter weather is ideal for the beach.

            What I constantly worry about when planning is not what I’m doing but what I’ll be wearing. Fashion is incredibly important to me as a person, and I wouldn’t be who I am without it. Here are my winter closet staples.

  1. A sweater. I believe this is a most obvious choice. A sweater is absolutely essential for cold weather. Personally, I adore thrifting my sweaters. Thrifting during the holidays can also be a fun activity for your family and friends. 
  2. Cute pajamas. I am in love with comfortable and cute pajama sets. I own quite a few myself. I believe your pajamas define your sleep, and I constantly like to look fashionable, even when dreaming. Pajamas are simply a great investment for winter, especially since the nights get colder.
  3. A fuzzy going-out jacket. It is so important to have a going-out jacket for the wintertime. If you’re attempting to leave the house without one, you’ll freeze. Even though Florida doesn’t exactly get to a freezing temperature, our inhabitants are so used to a tropical climate that the sudden change feels much larger. Therefore, a cute and warm going-out jacket is an essential part of your wardrobe that I guarantee you will use almost every day.

            Not only is winter’s ambiance special because of the weather but also because of the holidays. Winter is the most prominent time for the holidays, hence the name ‘the season of giving’. I often struggle to find gifts for others, so here are some last minute and go-to gift ideas.

  1. Candles. Candles are so simple yet so thoughtful. It shows you know the person down to the scents they like. Candles are also universally loved and easy to find in stores. 
  2. A snack or food they like. This is often my personal gift to fall back on. You can really never go wrong with food because everyone enjoys it. Food is also able to be shared with others, which completely adds to the giving aspect of the season.
  3. Jewelry. No matter who you are, I believe everybody can appreciate jewelry. From diamond necklaces to simple watches, many people wear accessories that are either useful or represent them as a person. If you are to go the jewelry route, I would recommend following the personal journey of that person and picking something that they resonate with.

            Overall, winter brings me and–of course–many others immense joy. My goal for this article was to share that joy with you as my reader and friend, and I truly hope I delivered! Make sure to make memories this winter!

Sincerely, your local teen talk writer,

Carly Cantor