June, 2014 – Wellington Launches OpenGov for Improved Transparency


Wellington Launches OpenGov for Improved Transparency

Wellington, Fla. – As Wellington prepares to release its preliminary 2015 budget, the Village continues forward with its commitment to full disclosure. Launching Wellington’s OpenGov website giving the public access to how the Village spends its tax dollars is the next step. Wellington is the first government entity in Florida to utilize this program.

OpenGov is accessed through the Village website, www.wellingtonfl.gov. It offers comparisons on revenue and spending beginning with 2010 for all Village departments.

“Our new budget website gives residents a better way to see how their tax dollars are being collected and spent, making Wellington’s government more transparent and accountable,” states Village Manager, Paul Schofield.

The Village wants this addition to the website to complement “Open Wellington”, which launched five years ago and shows all Village transactions. Open Wellington is best for looking for specific financial information while OpenGov is best for analyzing budgeting information and trends. Together, they provide an unprecedented interactive window into the details of the budget and finances of the Village.

As part of the Village’s ongoing commitment to transparency, Village staff is conducting the yearly “Budget Challenge” survey, a way to engage residents and stakeholders in the budget process.

This aids in readying the proposed budget and millage and assessment rates, which must be first adopted in July, with final adoption in September, to comply with Truth in Millage (“TRIM”) requirements. The Village develops implements and evaluates plans for the provision of services and capital assets. These plans are based on levels of service to determine how much should be allocated to each agency to achieve its set of goals.

Wellington asks residents to participate in the upcoming “Budget Challenge” survey to help the Village set priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

For information about other Wellington programs, events, activities, and updates, please visit www.wellingtonfl.gov or watch Channel 18 for the latest happenings.