Magnifique Winter Intensive at the Kravis


Many young dancers dream of attending an intensive (a rigorous, brief time of dance training) to learn under international ballet masters. Unfortunately, tuition is often too steep, or the location too far, for that dream to come true.

Two Palm Beach County organizations are changing that. The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts and Paris Ballet & Dance are offering young dance students throughout South Florida the chance to attend the Magnifique Winter Intensive program next month.

Taking place December 26-30 at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, students 7 to 22 can experience a five-day ballet program in the pure tradition of I’Ecole Francaise (the French School). They’ll get a rare opportunity to be taught by elite teachers hailing from France—including the Paris Ballet Conservatory director, master teachers from the Opera National de Paris, and from the Ballet de I’Opera National de Bordeaux.

Video auditions are still being accepted, or students can schedule an in-person interview at Paris Ballet & Dance’s studio in Jupiter. The cost is $35 to register, and only $495 for the entire intensive. More information can be found at