Making a Difference


By Carly Cantor

In life there are often times where we aren’t aware of how to make a difference in certain situations. It could be words, actions, feelings, any way of communication can make an impact in somebody’s life, even your own. In times of uncertainty, you may feel stressed or overwhelmed to give advice and help. However, this process doesn’t have to be stressful, if done right it can be enjoyable, or fulfilling. 

Though, just saying so is simple. There are many ways to make a difference, but we may not be aware of them. Again, communication is always key. Whether it’s a text, a post online, or even protest, they all have the purpose of conveying a message. 

But how can I really make a difference? This is a common question, and the answer isn’t exactly a straight one. There are many decisions we make based on personality and nature, and that affects how we choose what we do. 

Despite this, I am able to inform and guide you on how you may be able to make a difference. 

Social media posts are usually a great way to inform large audiences, especially if you have a large following. However, they’re also risky in a sense that they don’t always convey the correct message that you were attempting. Take a certain young TikTok group for example: This group had made a social media post posing in front of a wall with the words “stop Asian hate”. Even though the boys did this as a contribution to the protest, fans and others took the post in a different light, seeing it as humorous and insensitive. With large followings, you can either ruin your image or improve it, so take caution with posts.

Text messages are a simple way to make a difference. When people think of “making a difference” usually what comes to mind is something big or flashy, maybe something desperate. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. You could make a difference in somebody’s life by simply texting, “You looked pretty today!” or “Want to hang out?”. Sometimes simple messages can save a life, and being kind has no price tag. 

Protesting is usually one of the forms that makes the biggest impacts in our society. If you’re one who has no fear, or is extremely passionate, then in-person protesting is most likely for you. However, there is a chance you may get injured in the process, so being prepared is recommended.

Writing plays a main role in all of the above. However it can also be stuck into its own category. Authors can make differences with books, short stories, and other pieces of writing. Whether it’s a major impact on a child’s outlook, or adding to a larger cause, authors are a major focal point in the business of impacting society. 

Overall, there are so many ways to make differences, the list here is only the start. Maybe this month you’ll make a difference, maybe you will this year, or even in ten years. All it takes to get started is a cause, a drive, a purpose, and determination. So make that point and be bold, because I stand with you on your journey.


Your local teen talk writer, Carly Cantor