Old Metal Classics Cafe and More


Old Metal Classics Cafe and More


Old Metal Classics Cafe, 431 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

(561) 660-5873


We are pleased to have Popular Vloggers – married couple Frannie and Dani – Dessert Reviewers called ‘The Sweethearts’, who dish out Playful Dessert Reviews Sprinkled With Relationship Tips to add a little sweetness to Around Wellington. Frannie and Dani can currently be seen in several CBS12/FOX 5 TV commercials in which they play themselves as Dessert Reviewers for Aztil air conditioning. They were recently featured as Dessert Judges in The Boca Dessert Battle at Sanford Park. INQUIRIES: https://www.franniesheridan.com/