Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Pet


By Tricia Roberts

Every year, countless animals find themselves in shelters in need of a new home. They’ve either been abandoned or surrendered and are waiting for someone to give them a second chance at life. Deciding whether or not to adopt a pet from a shelter is an important decision, and the rewards far outweigh the concerns. If you’re stuck between the decision of shopping or adopting a new pet, here are some reasons to choose adoption.

  1. You save more than one life

It goes without saying that when you adopt a shelter pet, you’re saving a life. By adopting a pet in a rescue facility, you are also making room for another animal in need and giving them the opportunity to find a loving forever home.

2. Unconditional Love

Many people think it will be challenging to connect to a rescue pet, but usually it’s the opposite. Shelter pets have so much love to give. Once you let them into your heart, they won’t ever stop loving you.

3. A Second Chance

Beyond helping an animal in need, you’re giving a rescue an opportunity to be themselves and become a dog beyond the four walls of a shelter. You’re giving them the chance to start life anew where second chances are often hard to come by.

4. An opportunity to stay active

A new four-legged friend gives you a reason to get outdoors more and stretch your legs. Since your new pet is likely to be older and up-to-date on all of their vaccines, you won’t have to wait to get out to enjoy trails and parks as you would with a puppy.

5. Someone new to shop for

It’s always fun to spoil your pets. Adopting a new furry family member gives you a reason to do just that. You can enjoy retail therapy while making sure your new pet is living a luxurious life. Since adopting is generally lest costly than purchasing a puppy or kitten, you can use some of those saved dollars to really pamper your pet.

6. fighting back against cruel breeding

There are many reputable and animal-focused breeders out there. However, puppies and kittens purchased at pet stores often come from cruel breeding facilities where animals are confined to small, dirty spaces and receive little to no veterinary care. By adopting from your local shelter, you are giving back to your community instead of aiding an unethical breeder.

7. Training included

Most shelter dogs are past the puppy stage. This means they often know simple commands like sit, stay and come. There’s a chance they’ll even know more than that. If they don’t, though, that’s ok. You most definitely can teach an old dog new tricks.

8. That means house training too

Say goodbye to the potty-training process. Many shelter dogs have been surrendered, so they’re probably house trained. Also, shelter cats will already be familiar with a littler box.

Life with a rescue pet will bring big changes, as will life with any new pet. The reward of knowing you saved a pet who was truly in need will make it much easier to adapt to those big changes.