Wellington, FL. — Last night, the voters in District 6 made it clear they want a change. Between the four candidates, the people kept Ms. Andrews below 50%. Congratulations are in order to all the candidates. We each had our own unique perspectives and backgrounds, yet were united on the foundational beliefs of accountability, communication, transparency, and a return to common sense.

Today, we start the next chapter, but first, I want to thank all of my supporters and volunteers who have been so gracious with their time, energy and contributions. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for your efforts.

Looking forward to November, we are full steam ahead to continue the work already started.

I’m calling all citizens who want to see real academic results, full transparency, real accountability, a return to respecting the Constitution, individual rights and parental rights to stand with me. I’m calling all those that voted for change, no matter which candidate, to unite.

By working together, we WILL restore our schools.

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Jennifer Showalter’s mission is to return the voice and authority to the citizens through transparency, communication with parents and accountability, to ban all medical mandates, to eradicate indoctrination and restore curriculum refocusing on ACTUAL academics in a positive environment of personal responsibility and strong work ethic.  

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