Senior Solutions for the Sandwich Generation


By Kayla Roderman for Khanna Connections

Stepping up to care for your aging parents while still actively raising your own children can be a stressful and exhausting task. Adults in the “sandwich generation”, defined as a generation of people, usually in their thirties or forties, who are responsible for raising their own, growing children while simultaneously caring for their aging parents, are finding it harder and harder to balance the demands of properly caring for their kids while juggling the care needed by their aging parents.

There are several solutions for the “sandwich generation” to manage the stress caused by the high-pressure demands of caring for their children and elders. A few of the solutions include staying organized, being prepared financially, finding support groups and enlisting in caregiving support. Enlisting an aging parent into caregiving support can be the best way to make sure they receive all the care they need while still being comfortable and enjoying their independence.

Two popular options people turn to for their aging parents are independent or assisted living communities. Independent living allows you to live life independently and to the fullest without worrying about home maintenance, cleaning, planning for meals. Fitness, entertainment, transportation, activities and more are available to you right in your community. It’s the perfect way to keep your independence while having support and friendship available at any time. Assisted Living is the best choice when you have physical needs at various times of the day or night. You still enjoy all of the amenities described above with the ability to access care by pushing your pendant. In Assisted Living, nurses and CNAs (certified nurse assistants), will be there to monitor your needs and ensure they are being met. Thankfully, there is a local organization that helps to place your family members in an independent or assisted living community that is best suited to them.

The Next Chapter Florida Living is an organization that works with families to relieve the stress associated with moving an elderly family member to a senior community. They assist with touring and selecting the right Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care facility. They handle everything from negotiating with vendors to helping with packing, unpacking and everything in between. 

“If they do not have a preferred realtor, I can sell their home as well. I provide the TLC needed to make this a seamless and very positive transition. This is a free service to my clients. I become your concierge and you do not have to deal with all of the phone calls and emails from the communities until you are ready to make a choice to move in.” says Janna Zaidspiner, Owner of The Next Chapter Florida Living.

Having a local resource like this can save families from feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what the best decision is for their aging parents. The Next Chapter Florida Living handles all of the hassles of locating and communicating with senior living communities so you don’t have to. They are experienced and know all of the best care communities in the area. It is so important for many seniors to feel independent for as long as possible. Many seniors want to avoid feeling isolated and lonely and seek ways that they can get out and engage with friends and family. What the pandemic showed us is that social interaction and intellectual stimulation is so important to our mental and physical health. Living in a community makes it so much easier to connect with others, stay in shape physically and mentally, and even to attend a local outing.

“There are always choices and new people to meet. There is never another meal eaten alone. As much as family may try, you can’t be the only social outlet for your loved ones. They need to connect with their peers, find new hobbies and enjoy each day!” explained Janna when asked about the benefits of an independent or assisted living community.

If you are looking for help finding the perfect senior living situation for your aging parents, look no further than The Next Chapter Florida Living. They are looking forward to helping you navigate your options and help place your family members in their dream community. Visit or email Janna directly at for more information.