Starting Off on the Right Foot in the New Year


By Carly Cantor

Aaron Lurie, VMA Studio

It’s January, globally known as the start of the new year! With the new year comes the tradition of ‘new year resolutions’. Personally, following this tradition is a struggle for me, for I usually have trouble sticking to my goals. In this article, we’ll both be on our new year’s journey as I walk us through how to stick to our goals and possible goals to fulfill this new year!

            Staying on top of what we want is hard, and we tend to put ourselves down for it very often. This struggle can really take a toll on someone’s mental health, so here are ways to keep yourself focused!

  1. Make a to-do list. This may seem incredibly basic, but it definitely works. I like making lists and adding dates to do them so I feel more organized. Also, it works as a motivator because you’re really seeing progress. To-do lists help to keep that organization and motivation factor in one place!
  2. Use writing repetition. Does your mom ever continuously repeat what you need to do? Does it annoy you? But also, do you get it done? Well, no matter the answer, it’s time to do it to yourself. Writing down your goals everyday could, one, help you remember what you need to do and, two, motivate you to complete those tasks. 
  3. Prioritize. Sometimes when we don’t prioritize our main goals, we get distracted with little, more unimportant tasks. Pick 2-3 goals to really maintain and make sure you’re following. It makes goals seem a lot easier to tackle, but also makes you more productive.

            Some people also struggle with figuring out goals in general. A few questions to ask yourself to possibly figure out what you need are: What do I really want to pursue? What do I need to achieve? What are the steps to becoming my best self?

            This year, I’m going to start working on productivity, fitness and health, and overall happiness and enjoyment. Goals don’t always have to stem from a deep and personal want, they can be inspired by others just as easily. Some may think it’s being unoriginal, but I think if it will truly make somebody feel satisfied with themself then it’s just as valuable a goal as someone else’s original thought. For example, if you’re not sure what to do this year, try one of my goals and see if it works for you! But, if you’re looking for more possible ideas, here are some others!

  1. Read more often. I could never stress enough, reading is incredibly healthy. It exercises the brain, increases knowledge, and can relieve stress. It’s a perfect hobby and I recommend it immensely. 
  2. Create more time for yourself. A lot of the time, people tend to cut into their time for themselves in order to make room for other things. Instead, manage your time wisely and create more time to focus and improve yourself. 
  3. Be more bold. Been stuck with anxiety eating away at you in public? Or maybe you’re afraid to share that idea? It’s time to say goodbye to that fear and hello to boldness. Make more moves, don’t be the pawn but move it, and share what’s on your mind.

            I wish all of you luck this new year, and encouragement to stick to your goals! Remember why you made them in the first place and keep working towards that end goal no matter how many steps it may take.

Sincerely, your local teen talk writer, 

Carly Cantor