Talkin’ Tacos – Seriously Good Tacos


By Krista Martinelli

There’s a new taco shop in Wellington.  It’s a company that began as a popular food truck in Miramar in 2020 and has now grown to five Florida restaurant locations. 

Let’s start with the guac and chips.  Always a good idea.  The guacamole is fresh and delicious.  They give you the right amount of chips.  I like my chips just plain, not competing with whatever you are dipping them in.  These do the trick, unlike chips that have been sprinkled with a combination of spicy seasoning, cinnamon and sugar (as you’ll find at Rocco’s Tacos, for example).  Anyway, the guac is fresh with a bit of cilantro, some tomatoes, some citrus and makes you ready for the next course. 

The tacos are phenomenal!  My friend Tina and I split an order of the birria tacos and chicken tacos.  According to the manager Imad, the birria are their most popular choice.  Each plate comes with three tacos in a corn tortilla.  The birria (shredded beef) tacos come with a consommé sauce to dip into.  While the birria tacos were mouth-watering and savory, the chicken tacos (pictured below) were my favorite.  They were light, perfectly seasoned, had pickled red onions which really popped, were garnished with cilantro and topped with cheese.  And everything is served with limes, so you can squeeze a little lime juice and make the flavor even more intense. 

We also ordered a cup of Mexican street corn.  Delicious as well, but very rich.  They are generous about the serving size with these and honestly, this could be a whole meal in itself.  I’m looking forward to eating the leftovers today!

I have to admit, I was in the mood for a margarita when I arrived.  It appears that they do not serve any alcoholic beverages.  However, the beverages they do serve are interesting and colorful.  They serve their own homemade flavors of lemonade in 3 bright colors – mango mint, blue mint and blue raspberry.  They also serve authentically Mexican soft drinks in a bottle, like Mexican Coke, which uses real cane sugar, unlike the US version.  And they also offer Jarritos in 6 different flavors, a Mexican soft drink – also comes in a glass bottle.  

The décor is dark and metallic, including the tables and chairs.  When we visited, an entire girls’ softball team was placing their order at the kiosk.  And in fact, we got the last indoor table.  The ambiance doesn’t exactly say, “Stay awhile” – it’s not ideal.  However, the quality of the tacos makes it worth it.

The real question is will I be back?  Hell, yes.  I already have my next order in mind.  Mahi Mahi tacos, another order of chips and guacamole, a guava Jarritos soft drink, and for dessert, cookies and cream churros.  And I’ll get another order of Mexican street corn to go. 

Located just outside the Wellington Mall near L.A. Fitness, Talkin’ Tacos should definitely be on your radar.  Phenomenal tacos await you.

Talkin’ Tacos

10140 Forest Hill Blvd.

Wellington, FL 33414

(954) 838-1853