Thankful November


Thankful November

As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about how I’m thankful for you – our readers, writers, photographers and sponsors.  Thank you for being a part of AroundWellington and making it happen!  Whether you play it very safe and Zoom for Thanksgiving or actually get together with a few family members, I hope it’s a special time, a time where you can come together and almost erase the bad parts of 2020!  Here’s to a better new year and perhaps an end to the Coronavirus.

Our articles run the gamut from axe-throwing to getting quality sleep to college applications to a hindsight bucket list.  I really appreciate the variety of topics, hope you do too.  So, yes, check out Denise Marsh’s “It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an axe” in “Cultural Corner.”  Denise took me along on this axe-throwing adventure and it was a cathartic experience.

Speaking of adventures, the Sweethearts, our favorite dessert-reviewing married couple, take us on a savory/sweet trip to YoYo’s Asian Street Food in Port Saint Lucie.  See their fun and funny video this month by going to “Yummy Treats.”

Are you getting a quality sleep?  Most people I know would say “no.”  Guest writer Dianne Park takes a turn at “Health & Fitness” and gives us a few tips.

Do you have a bucket list?  Well, our travel writer Terri Marshall confesses that she doesn’t have one, but she looks back on her zany travel adventures, including getting naked in Germany, and realizes that she has a “Hindsight Bucket List.”  See “Travel with Terri.”

You’ve probably heard of Greta Thunberg, but have you heard of local environmental activist Erica Allen?  She’s making waves and making a difference.  Bryan Hayes interviews her in this month’s “Living Green.”

I’m also thankful that our terrific Mayor Anne Gerwig is still at the helm and still writing a Mayor’s Column to keep us posted on what’s going on around Wellington.  See her article this month.  I should note that it’s Veteran’s Day as I write this letter.  So, thank you, veterans, for your service!

While some people are rushing around getting ready for the holidays, high school students have something else on their minds.  Read “Teen Talk” by Summer Wadleigh and find out why your grades are not necessarily a reflection of you when it comes to college application season.

In “Mommy Moments” this month, Melanie Lewis talks about her son taking the lemons that he’s been given and making lemonade.  Well, actually he’s got a broken computer and a lot of time on his hands (thanks to Covid-19), and he ends up learning to build a computer.  Now that’s a great homeschooling experience.

New writer and master hair stylist Victor Bracero writes about “The Hair Consultation” this month, what to expect and what to look for in a stylist.  Send your hair questions to us at: and Victor will answer them.

There are other new articles too.  So, click around and enjoy!  And have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Krista Martinelli