The 2023 Northwood Hills Historic Home Tour on Feb. 4th: A Magical Window into the Past


An Interview with Northwood Hills Neighborhood President Elizabeth Bridges

By Krista Martinelli

AW: How many homes will people visit on the tour and how old are some of those homes?

EB: We have 10 homes on the tour, and an 11th home opening their garden space.  Some 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. My house was built in 1939.  Actually, one house was built in 1926, but was completely re-built in 2020.  Some of these homes are almost 100 years old.  So, it’s like you’re stepping back in time.

AW: What are some of the participating restaurants / drink sponsors on the tour? 

EB: We have several restaurants: from Northwood – Café Centro, Mestizo, Cornucopia (brand-new), and from downtown West Palm Beach – Lynora’s, Humble Abbey Brewery (providing craft beer).  More restaurants to come. It’s a work in progress.    

AW: Tell us about the live entertainment in the garden. 

EB: We will have a jazz singer and an accompaniment, expect something sultry and swanky.  Along the lines of the great Etta James. 

AW: What should people expect from the tour?  Is it good for all ages? 

EB: Guests will start by getting a wrist band at our check-in tent on February 4th.  Golf carts will take you to a starting house.  We really want to stagger people, so they don’t all start at the same place and crowd the houses. It’s a self-guided tour where you’ll walk through each of the ten historic houses. And then step out to their backyard to sample appetizers from our local restaurants and accompany that with wine or beer. The whole experience will take about 2.5 hours, but you’re welcome to stay as long as we’re open. Personally, I think kids might be bored silly, so it’s probably best to leave the kids at home. 

Because we have golf carts, we can help people who might have trouble with walking with getting around. We have 10 houses that span 6 blocks.  And the host of each house will be there on hand (in their own home).    

AW: How many people are you expecting this year? 

EB: Other neighborhoods nearby get about 1,500 guests. This is our first tour in 14 years so I don’t know if we will have that many people attend, but we’re estimating at least 1,000.  I would say get your tickets early. 

AW: Tell us about what makes Northwood Hills a special place.

EB: Northwood Hills is such a magical neighborhood! The land was first developed in 1884 as the first mango orchard in the States and we still have many of the original trees here.

For Elizabeth’s full response, see the video.

AW: What does Northwood Hills have to offer, in terms of being a different sort of community?  It’s not like your typical gated Florida community.

We’re not an HOA, we are a voluntary neighborhood association.  We don’t have all the rules of an HOA, but we do adhere to the city’s codes.  You have the benefit of being in a beautiful neighborhood without the pressure that an HOA puts on people. 

AW: Who are the families (and individuals) showing their homes on February 4th

The tour is divided almost in half with new homeowners and homeowners who have been here about 20 years.  Some seasoned veterans and some fresh faces who get to experience how much fun we have. 

AW: How do you sign up for the tour? 

EB: It’s really easy.  Visit – click the option for “home tour” on the home page.  $50 right now.  Take advantage of our early bird pricing.  See you on February 4th!