Unicorn Children’s Foundation Announces Next Generation of Philanthropy with Launch of Junior Board


Unicorn Children’s Foundation Announces Next Generation of Philanthropy with Launch of Junior Board


[Boca Raton, FL – February 6, 2020] – Unicorn Children’s Foundation, a leader in the field of special needs and neurodiversity, has announced the launch of a Junior Board to cultivate a pipeline of future leaders and long-term contributors.  This young and innovative group of individuals, including some with neurodiversity, will expand resources, human capita, and ideation as the Foundation seeks to raise awareness and introduce its mission to a younger, larger and untapped demographic.  


Haley Moss, Chair

Thomas Gomez, Vice Chair

Jean-Max Meradieu, Treasurer

Rachel Barcellona, Secretary

Trent Alber

Breann Fisher

Whitney Johnson

Dominique Rivera 

Maria Schenck

Elisa Villegas


In addition to supporting the organization’s critical work in the community, Unicorn’s CEO, Sharon Alexander shared, “Junior Board members will be able to engage in the Board development process, support fundraising, advocacy, and awareness efforts.  This dynamic group will allow Unicorn Children’s Foundation to demonstrate to the community that differences, whether intellectual, generational, socio-economic, etc., can be a good thing and we are all more alike than different.”  

Junior Board Chair, Haley Moss

Newly-elected Chair Haley Moss adds, “I am excited and honored to be the Junior Board’s first Chair. It is important to get young people involved in nonprofit leadership, and it is crucial to be sure neurodiverse voices are heard and respected within organizations that serve people with these differences.”


If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at www.unicornchildrensfoundation.org or call (561) 620-9377.

Unicorn Children’s Foundation is a 25 year old non-profit organization that is dedicated to building communities of acceptance, support, and opportunity for kids and young adults who are challenged by special needs and neurodiversity by supporting or developing its cradle to career pathways.  Our initiatives connect families to community resources, advocate for inclusive opportunities, respect differences, empower individuals, and support success. With 1 in 6 children being diagnosed with a developmental or learning disorder, we believe it is our responsibility to create a world where all children’s potential can flourish.  To learn more about the Unicorn Children’s Foundation visit http://www.unicornchildrensfoundation.org. Also available on Facebook and Twitter.